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Vending Machine | Coffee & Tea

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Selling products Coffee 1 kind 4 taste, Natural coffee bean(Hot/Ice) 1kind 5 taste, Tea 2 kind 3 taste
Vending quantity 600 cups
Cup size Optional with 6.5 oz or 7.0 oz
Select button 12 ea
Canister 7 ea
Ingredient storing capacity Instant coffee 1,100g / Natural cofffee bean3,500g / Sugar 3,000g / Cream 2,300g / Tea 3,800g
Water tank 58L (29 Liters 2 sets)
Water filter Exclusive filter (Ice ultraviolet light sterilization)
Weight 190 Kg
Water feeding Down forced water flow
control method Micom control
Size(WXHXD) 770 X 1,830 X 690mm
Protocal Type MDB compatible

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