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CEO Message

Thank you for your visiting

LOTTE ENGINEERING & MACHINERY MFG. has been ambitiously established as the 1st Korean anti-pollution installation constructor in 1973. Since then, Lotte Eng.& Mach. has placed milestones for creating beautiful environment and enriched human lives through and overcoming periodic and technical hardships.
Even at the early period of Korean industrialization when our society was at lack of concern in protecting environment. Lotte Eng. & Mach. has acknowledged our social responsibility and practiced our business principle to respect human dignity through harmonious and prosperous lives with nature.

Today, each and every member of Lotte Eng. & Mach. continuously pour their zeal and passion to introduce new products with research and development of advanced technology to create more beautiful and healthier future for our customers.
For determinedly introducing advanced technology abroad, extending its technology to adopt and modify into our circumstance and needs, measuring all aspects for safety for our customers and nation, and standing at the lead in the field to pour our zeal to practice true creative minds and ideas of human respect, we are proud to lay
a foundation for prosperous future in the field of environment and construction business, industrial mechanical business, and heating and cooling machinery business.
Here and now, we would like to introduce our new aspects of our dream, idea, passion, and zeal to not only our customers but also to all our related partners.
Closing my letter, I would like to express many thanks to those who encourage and love us to keep the lead in the field. To recompense for your endless support, we promise to develop and supply the best products with firm readiness and creativeness.



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