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Introduce our Dreams and Ideals,
Sweat and Passion


  • 2010~Present

    2010~Present History

    • 2020.03Acquired ISO 45001
    • 2019.03Launched scientific showcase
    • 2019.01Acquired SNAP, UL, NSF (R-290)
    • 2018.01Provide micro-market solution
    • 2015.06Acquired OHSAS 18001
    • 2014.04Started dehumidifier Business
    • 2013.04Coca & Pepsi Korea official supplier
    • 2013.01Launch Oh-K Condensing boiler
    • 2012.09Launch Multi-Vending machine
    • 2011.08Installed System Show cases In Indonesia Lotte Mart
    • 2011.07Launch Gas Boiler Hi-Q 600
    • 2010.06Export Ice Cream Vending Machine to Japan
  • 2000~2009

    2000~2009 History

    • 2009.07Launch Commercial Refrigerator Products
    • 2009.06Launch Coffee Bean Extractor
    • 2009.04Launch ESV (Ventilation System) product line
    • 2009.03Launch New Hi-Q Condensing Boiler
    • 2009.02Launch High Efficiency PET & CAN Vending Machine
    • 2009.01Export Commercial Refrigeration euqipments to USA
    • 2008.06Won the Grand Prize of Korea Customer Service in Gas Boiler
      (Awarded 6 times since 2001)
    • 2008.04Won the Best Quality Prize of Women Customers in Gas Boiler
    • 2007.06Won the Grand Prize of Korea Customer Service
      (Awarded four times since 2004)
    • 2007.03Won the Bronze Tower prize of the 34th commerce day
    • 2007.01Launch Commercial Kitchenware Equipment
    • 2006.11Won the best construction prize of Korea
    • 2006.07Won Energy winner price
    • 2006.06Won Grand prize of Korea Customer Service
      (Awarded 3 times sine 2004)
    • 2005.11Acquire Kwang-ju Samsung Vending machine business
    • 2005.06Launch Hi-Q condensing boiler
    • 2004.04Achieved 1 million hours of free disaster in construction industry
    • 2003.11Won the grand prize of Innovative production in Large company
    • 2003.06Acquire a certification of ISO 9001:2000
    • 2003.05Accumulation gas boiler sold 200 million units
    • 2002.06Launch System showcase products
    • 2001.08Certified for all Gas boilers 1st grade in energy efficiency
    • 2000.11Certified for high-energy efficiency gas boilers
  • 1990~1999

    1990~1999 History

    • 1999.12Signed Technical Transfer contract of Lotte parking system to a
      Taiwan company
    • 1998.12Won the best constructor prize of the year
    • 1998.06Acquired a certification of ISO 9001 in Construction
    • 1997.12Acquired Industrial plant construction license
      (NO.97-65, Ministry of Construction)
    • 1996.03Won the best construction prize of the year
    • 1995.08Acquired a certificate of ISO 9001 in Gas boiler (KMA-QA)
    • 1995.03Won the best constructor prize of the year
    • 1993.01Started Automatic Vending Machine business
    • 1992Technical License agreement with CH2M HIll, USA / Seghers, Belgium
    • 1991Technical License agreement with Sanden, Japan
    • 1990Technical License agreement with W.A.P.C., USA / PWT SAIA /
      PACIFIC PTY, Autralia, / Saunier Duval, France
  • 1973~1989

    1973~1989 History

    • 1988.01Gas boiler for LNG K.S marked
    • 1987.03Gas boiler for LPG K.S marked
    • 1982.01Gas appliance business started
    • 1979.01Civil engineering licensed (NO. 799, Ministry of construction)
    • 1978.07De-pollution installation licensed (NO. 1, Ministry of Environment)
    • 1977.02Acquired authorization for constructing Sewage treatment plant
    • 1974.01Factory built in Incheon, Korea
    • 1973.11Company established

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