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Performance Series

Purpose-built for pharmacy, medication, and vaccine, laboratory, and life science applications
to support meeting CDC/VFC vaccine storage guidelines

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1,280 ℓ
Enclosure 1,390 ℓ
Net Enclosure 1,280 ℓ
Dimensions 1400(W) × 2,100(H) × 792(D)
Exterior stainless steel
Weight 216(kg)
Power Supply AC 115~220V / 50~60Hz
Freezing Point Indirect Cooling method
Inner Temperature Display DIGITAL DISPLAY by Internal POB
Operating Display DIGITAL DISPLAY
DOOR LAMP incandescent electric lamp (40W);;
Operational Temperature -30℃ ~ -13℃
Inner Freezing Agent R134a(1410z)
Temperature Control Electronic control with temperature sensing
Door type swing door type (spring structure)
Number of Door 3

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