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Performance Series

Purpose-built for pharmacy, medication, and vaccine, laboratory, and life science applications
to support meeting CDC/VFC vaccine storage guidelines

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Vending Machine | Special

Leader of cutting edge technology / Pride of LOTTE ENGINEERING & MACHINERY MFG is more than usual


Multiple Purpose Vending Machines
  • 1Slim in style, wide in choice With their slender proportions, this models can still provide a broad range of dispensed products.
  • 2Damper system and spring back opening
  • 3Door lock incorporated
  • 424/7 Instant, convenient service to customer: Simple and easy access to customer needs
  • 5Labor cost reduction: Efficient operation of main convenient store and employee management Shop in Shop operation or Unmanned mini shop on every corner
  • 6Advertisement: Extra AD space on the side of Muti vending to use as advertisement.

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