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Purpose-built for pharmacy, medication, and vaccine, laboratory, and life science applications
to support meeting CDC/VFC vaccine storage guidelines

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Solid Door Freezer

Full Solid Door Freezers
Standard Features
- Air cooled condensing unit
- Automatic condensate vaporizer
- Automatic defrost
- Casters
- Capillary tube system
- Curved handle with recessed pocket
- Door open alarm
- Interior LED light
- key locks
- Magnetic gasket
- Microprocessor with digital display
- Operating temperature range" Below -18℃ (0℉)
- Cyclopentane Insulation (Eco-Friendly)
- R-290 Refrigerant (Eco-Friendly)
- Stainless steel interior and exterior
- Vinyl coated shelves
- UL, C-UL, ETL Sanitation & ENERGY STAR listed
Optional Features
- Extra shelves
- Field reversible hinge kit for single door models (part # 146524)
- Pan slide rack
- Interior liner and interior door panel are stainless steel.
- The complete cabinet and door(s) are foamed-in-place with Cyclopentane Insulation (Eco-Friendly).
- Heavy duty, pivot hinges; key locks; curved handle with recessed pocket; self adjusting magnetic gaskets; 4" dia. casters (4 casters on one and two door models and 6 casters on three door model). 4 vinyl coated shelves per door section - standard.
- All models are standard with complete perimeter, anti-condensate door frame heater wires.
An interior LED light is activated by a switch for each door.
- Microprocessor with digital display allows temperature adjustment at control panel.
- Complete bottom mounted refrigeration system with a copper tube, ceiling mount aluminum fin coated evaporator. The condensate is collected and automatically evaporated form an energy efficient air over wick style vaporizer. Drain line is recessed in cabinet back. Refrigerant flow is controlled by a capillary tube. R-290 refrigerant. Operating temperature range: Below -18℃ (0℉).
- UL, C-UL, ETL Sanitation and ENERGY STAR Listed.

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